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We're passionate about horses and everything to do with them!  Our goal for this website is to engage, inspire and inform horse lovers everywhere.  

Planet Equus Enterprises: Services and Products

SERVICES:  Our day-to-day focus includes seeing clients as an Equine Sports Massage Therapist. With over 20 years of equine experience, Planet Equus Equine Services is focused on providing passionate care for your horse and we take great pride, satisfaction, and fulfillment in watching our clients (your horse!) respond positively to sports massage therapy.

PRODUCTS:  Our product line currently features Perfect PoulticeTM Paper with more items coming soon! 

Work Hard...Play Harder

But we believe in Work Hard, Play Hard, so we will also feature fun things like Horse Radio Network, a blog that covers a wide variety of topics related to the equine industry such as breeding, horse care, green and sustainable horsekeeping, our Newsletter, book reviews and suggestions, polls, and contests.

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