Minis Make Great Guides

Most of us are aware of how dogs can and do make amazing friends and guides to their human partners in need, but did you know that miniature horses are also being trained as guide animals?

According to trainer Dolores Artse, miniature horses make good guide animals because they are well aware of their surroundings, and they live much longer than dogs. "Miniature horses are herd animals like regular horses, so they have a tremendous ability to be aware of space," she said.  They can remain in service for 40 years or more, while guide dogs last about eight years before they need to be replaced. Minis also have keener eyesight than a guide dog, are less easily distracted and doesn't pull like a dog might.

For the full story of miniature horse Cali, and her owner Mona Ramouni read more: 

"She's changed my whole world," Ramouni said. "She has made it possible for me to do anything I want to do."

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