Tired of cutting up greasy feed bags or searching bathrooms for paper towels when you need to poultice your horse's legs?  Once you find the paper are they often are too short (frustrating), too long (wasteful), not wide enough, too wide, fall apart when wet, or just too stiff to wrap well along the leg?  Perfect PoulticeTM Paper is the answer you've been looking looking for!


Perfect PoulticeTM Paper Packs retail for $8.95 + tax.  Please contact us regarding wholesale orders.

  • Perfect PoulticeTM Paper is an affordable alternative to wasting time searching for and creating paper strips for your barn's needs
  • Perfect PoulticeTM Paper is made of recycled materials, making it safe for both horses and the environment.   This also makes it the perfect product to recycle again, so please recycle!
  • Perfect PoulticeTM Paper has been designed to be just the right size, reducing waste saving you money.
  • Perfect PoulticeTM Paper is made of carefully selected paper weight so that it is perfectly absorbent to keep the poultice clay layer wet as long as possible without being too stiff or heavy
  • Perfect PoulticeTM Paper is coveniently packaged in recloseable plastic bags -- requires minimal space in your tack trunk, keeps dirt and moisture outprovides easy access to the sheets you need when you need them, and can also be recycled or reused when finished.



Perfect PoulticeTM Paper is available in the following sizes:

  • 15" wide x 18" long (Large) -- perfect for hind legs of larger horses
  • 12" wide x 18" long (Medium) -- perfect for front legs of larger horses or hind legs of small to average horses
  • 9" wide x 15" long (Small) -- perfect for ponies


We offer Perfect PoulticeTM Paper for both wholesale and retail sales in the following packages

  • Small Pack - 80 sheets of Small size (9"x15")
  • Medium Pack - 60 sheets of Medium size (12"x18")
  • Large Pack - 60 sheets of Large size (15"x18")
  • Multi-Pack - 60 sheets total, 20 sheets of each size


Questions?  Contact us!  We are happy to discuss custom package options.